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Pennsylvania Powerlibrary

The Pennsylvania Powerlibrary is a statewide service. The PA Powerlibrary is a good resource for searching magazines, health information sources, newspapers, and encyclopedias. There are different search services offered for all ages. It is avaiable at the library internet station, and you can also access Powerlibrary from home if you have internet access and library card.

Have your card ready, and click the icon to get started!

Use these search engines search the Internet

http://www.google.com will help you find sites without a lot of ads and images to slow you down.

Yahoo -- This engine arranges searches by category and is good if you are making a broad search using common words like "Art", "College", "Health Care", etc.

Ask Jeeves -- This site allows you to ask questions in plain language and it attempts to answer them. It is good for finding statistics (such as average wage for a certain profession) that you might have to spend hours digging through other sites to find.

Dogpile -- This is a "meta-search" engine. All this means is that it checks a lot of other search sites all at the same time so you don't have to go through many different, smaller sites. Use Dogpile if you are having trouble finding information for your search using other sites. Searches using Dogpile tend to take a little longer, so plan to spend some time learning how to use the site.

Other Search Engines

These are other popular search engines on the web.


There are many other search engines on the web, and you should feel free to explore.

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