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Access+ at the Library

As part of the ongoing partnership between the Libraries of Warren County and the Warren County School District, we now offer access to the School District student services on library computers. Students who need to complete courses through the Nova Net or access on-line application resources available from WCSD may now do so at the library.

New Reference Services

The Warren Public Library has added new reference services which they have generously extended to all the county libraries. ReferenceUSA is a powerful search service for marketing data and business and residential searches. OCLC First Search is a great tool for students to search the catalogs of thousands of libraries world wide for books, web sites, and media files. Both these services are available at the library.
OCLC Question Point is a 24 hour a day reference service provided through the Warren Library Association homepage which allows anyone to ask reference questions from home or another library. Feel free to come in and learn to use these powerful tools!

Book Sale Continues

The used book sale will continue during library hours. Books are located in the front entry way of the library. Used books are changed frequently, so snoopers and shoppers should check often!

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